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Cape Cod Lobsta

Visiting the Family on the Cape

In July we had a great visit in the USA. We spent time with our family in Boston and New York.

We arrived in the middle of thunderstorms that shut down Logan Airport so ended up over night in Washington D.C. We had landed at Dullas International Airport but ended up departing from Regan National. The delays were so bad that there were no hotel vancancies. We spent the night sleeping on the airport floor.

We spent a week with Hannah and Nick in southern Maine enjoying the local foods, scenery and music. We had a great evening in Portsmouth NH at an aout door concert. Several of their friends joined us for a concert on the green.

We then spent a week in NY with Nathan, Katie and Tim. Awn was so happy that Tim was not afraid of her. In fact they were inseparable. And "Hi Gamma Awn. lets do letters" won her heart. She and Tim worked on their letters all week. They even made the alphabet out of Legos.

Finally we spent a week with Martha and Cory, during which they had their first child. August 8th saw Aurelia Pam McBride enter the family. She was OUCH, 9 lbs 13 oz. About 4.5 Kilos. We tried to be helpful during her first week.