Mother's Day In Thailand

Mother's Day

This past Sunday was Mother's Day here in Thailand. Mother's day is on a specific date here, not Sundays like in the USA. That specific date is the Queen Mother's Birthday. It just happened to fall on a Sunday this year so Monday turns out to be a holiday too.

Here are some of the moms ready and waiting for their children to come, bow down and honor them. Once honored the Mom then speaks a word of blessing over the child.

Everyone here is in Christ. This is one of the several family networks with whom we are friends, dear friends. Several of the people here have faithfully 
ministered to us in so many ways. It is a privilege to be with them. 

Before the blessing we shared an outstanding meal together each plate from one of their homes. It was a huge selection of excellent foods.

Most of the people here are one extended family network. They encourage and support one another's families, work, and fun. We often take holiday trips with this gang.

As a matter of fact we did just that on the free Monday. We spent the day up in the mountains, those pictures are in my facebook page.

Before Dinner a bunch of us jumped in the pool and played a modified version
Water Polo in Kongsak's pool

of water polo. We won 10 to 6. I was beat afterwards.

Wait a minute, here is Awn and Noi  posing at the water fall, and four of the women, Goong, Noi, Awn, and Jim, at the restaurant where we ate Dinner. 

This was while we still were working on the housing situation, but we have time for friends and fun together. It was a great couple days.

Monday Holiday The Lovely Ladies
Thanks for your participation with us.
George and Awn,
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